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Erasmus Essay Competition

These students are part of the existing double degree in MSc International Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies which has been running since 2015 and which will be become the new Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree from September 2017.

Radu Florescu, France (2015-17)

'Eager to resume my education, the programme has given me fantastic experiences through its right balance between academically stimulating and comprehensive hands on approach to the field of strategic security studies. Even after four years of work following my undergraduate degree, I could not feel more confident in the face of my future professional career thanks to this programme.'

Sana Chaudhry, UK (2015-17)

'This excellent programme offers a breadth of security courses, ranging from Intelligence Analysis to European Security Strategies. I especially enjoyed the option to learn Arabic whilst in Glasgow. The mobility period in Germany provided an opportunity to engage with the practice of intelligence through courses such as Data Analytics. Highlights for me have been: a rewarding experience in studying at different institutions; a placement with the United Nations; attending the Berlin Security Conference; and befriending classmates from all over the world.'

Terver Orbunde, Nigeria (2015-17)

'I joined this programme with only the slightest idea of what I wanted to do after my undergraduate. One year down the line I must say, I made the right choice. There is no place I’d rather be. The programme features a rich array of dedicated and committed teachers, leaders in their various fields. If you want to study and at the same time see the world through the eyes of others, this programme is just the best for you. Who says you can’t kill two birds with 1 stone?'

Johnathon Ricker, USA (2015-17)

'The masters programme offers a truly unique and international approach to security, intelligence, and strategic studies. Studying across Europe in different cultural environments exposes you to various perspectives and approaches. The programme’s flexibility allows you to pursue your own personal focus while learning from and interacting with an array of academics and professionals. As a group of international students we are constantly learning from one another, inside and outside of the classroom. I am very happy with my decision to pursue a dual MSc and I highly recommend this programme.'

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Are you a blogger, Erasmus student or a traveller? Or maybe you simply want to share your travel experience with others? If yes, Erasmusu would like to invite you to participate in our Erasmus Travellers Competition. Any willing participant can enter! Help Erasmus students and other travellers by sharing information about the cities and places you love!


  • 1st prize: 1000 €
  • 2nd prize: 800 €
  • 3rd prize: 600 €
  • 4th prize: 400 €
  • 5th prize: 350 €
  • 6th prize: 300 €
  • 7th prize: 250 €
  • 8th prize: 200 €
  • 9th prize: 100 €
  • And 20 runner up prizes: Erasmusu Premium Account.


From 24th of October 2017 to 24th of April 2018 until 11:00:00 Madrid time (UTC+2).

How do I enter?

It’s easy! Just write on about any of the following topics (or even all of them!):

  • Places of interest
  • Erasmus experiences
  • Traditions, customs
  • Your hometown
  • Secret and hidden places
  • Traditional recipes

You can contribute by sharing the following kind of contents:


  • You can only enter if you are . We want you to create high quality content, therefore, it’s important to have a native level of the language you want to write in.
  • You cannot publish the same content in different languages. We already have a team that will translate the best content.
  • Important: use subheadings, headings, words in bold, lists to organise your content. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Remember to follow the style guidelines.
  • Attention! Your writing should be completely original. It cannot appear on any other website, this includes your personal blogs. We look at all the content published to ensure it has not been copied from another source. So, play fair!
  • You can only write about places you have personally been to. Don’t just go to Wikipedia, read about a place, modify the text and use it as your own. Describe the places in your own words, giving your own opinion and writing about your personal experiences there.
  • You must use only your own photos or free copyright photos from others (from websites like Pixabay, Freeimages, Unsplash, etc.)
  • Make sure that the e-mail address that you use on Erasmusu is the one that you check on a daily basis.

Entry suggestions and examples for inspiration:

  • If you wish to write a detailed , you could describe your Erasmus trips and life or you could even illustrate life in your home country! Examples of good blog entries include the following one about Murcian Cuisine, this one about Paris, or a recipe like this Scaloppine with lemon, Vitello e broccoli saltati in padella. Ok, let’s go! Start your blog now!!
  • To write a fantastic , you could talk about all its key features and interesting points. You could also, for example, explain the answers to questions you initially had yourself, like in this Regensburg experience, or similarly, you could write a little more unreservedly, like in this Lisbon experience, it is up to you. Start writing your experience now!!
  • You could write about your favourite of interest. It might be one of the most exciting sites in a city. You could describe some great sightseeing locations, restaurants or pubs, quirky cafés or cocktail bars. For example: Park Güell, La Sidreria, Passeig Marítim, or any place you have visited. Share your favourite place!!

How points will be distributed:

You can see the ranking in the right hand column. You earn point automatically in the following way:

  • (one click per person). Don’t hesitate to share everything you write. Publish it on Facebook and Twitter, send it to all your friends on WhatsApp, etc.

We have put a limitation on the points received by characters written in place (extra points for visits received are not included): . So, compete day to day! Don't leave it to the last minute!

Points for quality are awarded too, so remember to follow our style guidelines. At the end of the competition we will give extra points to the finalists . We will add up the total points of these finalists and distribute as extra points among them, based on how well they have written.

Reasons for disqualification:

We look at all the content published and won’t hesitate to disqualify anyone who hasn’t followed these rules. Play fair.

There will be grounds to disqualify you from the competition if:

  • You copy texts directly from other pages.
  • You copy and edit opinions about places in order to make them seem like your own. We call this ‘Copy and Edit’ and it’s easy to find this as the content will read like an encyclopaedia: loads of dates, names, and facts with little of the opinions or personal experiences we are looking for.
  • You use photos that are copyrighted.
  • You write about places you haven’t actually been to. We’re looking for real experiences!
  • You write long articles with little information just to get more points. Long entries with no useful information will not be taken into account.

In terms of getting visits, doing the following will also result in disqualification:

  • If we find out you are using proxys or any other programme to simulate views.
  • If we detect short visits, suggesting the content has been viewed for the sole purpose of increasing views. Visits must last at least 1 minute.
  • Any other way to try and accumulate views that aren’t actually legitimate.

Any doubts?

Giulia will help you with any questions or doubts that you might have:

Good luck everyone and may the best man win!

I agree to the following reserves the right to make changes during or after the competition has ended should there be cause to do so or obstacles in the way of a fair result, in compliance with the rules and regulations that have been set out. Therefore, all decisions taken by regarding the outcome of the competition are final, be it the outright winner or potential disqualifications.

Attention! Do not cheat! We review all suspicious behaviour and disqualify any contestants who disobey the rules. We also reserve the right to remove any content that may have been copied or is of a very poor standard. Be good!