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Advice to Management

Be more realistic when creating the matrices for work/pay. You can't review and adequately comment on a 50 page paper in 35 minutes.
Don't expect tutors to be able to reformat a resume in 10 minutes in a live session without a job description or any sense of what job a client is applying for.
It's unrealistic to expect tutors to make both in-text comments and fill out a lengthy feedback form in the time allotted for papers. When the Writing Lab was extremely busy this past fall, tutors were allowed to only make in-text comments and not use the form. This was much more efficient and, I would suspect, beneficial to the students as the feedback form is extremely generalized.
Support the tutors more. We should not be held hostage to a rude, swearing, client. I don't ask for scheduled shifts because I would get the same students, day after day, asking for answers and then getting angry when they were provided with the tools instead of the answer. We are tutors, not Google.

BrainFuse can help a lot of different ways!

With HelpNow, you can get
Expert Help for grades 1 - College

  • Live Tutoring: Live online help from expert tutors
  • Writing Lab: Expert online writing assistance
  • Skill Surfer: Live skills building and a library of lessons, videos, tests, and more.
  • Send a Question: Send a question and get expert help
  • Language Lab: Live help for language learners


  • LEAP Learning platform: Diagnostic test center with customized study plans, lessons, snd live tutoring.
  • FlashBulb™: Create and share flashcards, tests, and games.
  • eParachute: Discover college majors and careers that match your skills and interests


  • MEET™ : Virtual Private Study Rooms for you and your friends or team. Use MEET to study for tests, work on assignments, or collaborate on projects.
  • Brainwave: Log in and create and share movie-like notes and ideas. Brainwave is ideal for recording solutions to homework problems, class projects, or any other concepts that involve motion or sequencing.

In the Adult Learning Center:

  • High School Equivalency Preparation: Enhance your test-taking skills, take practice tests, and get live, online test coaching.
  • Prepare for the US Citizenship Test: Practice tests and resources to help you prepare
  • Microsoft Office Help: Connect with one of our LIVE experts to learn MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Career Resources: Tips and resources to start your job search
  • Write a Winning Resume: Our HelpNow writing experts will help you craft a winning resume and cover letter

Lifelong Learning:

  • Live Tutoring: Get live one-on-one help
  • Skills Building: Live tutors to help you learn an academic skill.
  • Writing Lab: Log in and get writing help.
  • Test Center: An ever-expanding library of practice tests.
  • Send Question: Ask a question any time of the day.


  • Live Resume Expert: Resume Assistance from live experts
  • Resume Templates: Get started by downloading a winning resume template
  • Resume Resources: Online resources to help you prepare your resume
  • Resume Lab: Submit your resume and receive expert feedback

Job Interviews

  • Live Interview Coach: Interview coaching from live experts
  • Interview Tips: Helpful tips for interview success
  • Online Resources: Carefully-selected resources to help you prepare for your interview


  • Live Job Coach: Expert assistance with searching, applying, and preparing for jobs
  • Career Assessments: Where to begin with your search
  • Job Resources: Begin your job search with these helpful resources
  • eParachute: Discover the college majors and careers that match your skills and interests.
  • Optimal Resume: Award-winning resume creation software, job interview preparation, and much more