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2.4.9 Practice Spoken Assignment Of Mortgage

2.4.9 Practice: Spoken Assignment: What's Cooking?Spoken AssignmentSpanish II Sem 1 (S3544626)Jason WeberPoints possible: 60Date: ____________I. Use the words and expressions in the box to fill in the blanks in the following conversation between Toni and Andrés. Each word or expression only needs to be used once. Record the dialogue after you finish writing. If you're feeling really creative, you might try using different voices!se celebraasadapapaspastelhamburguesasmenúfamiliapavoel cuatro de julioel Día de Acción de graciasAndrés: ¿Qué fiesta se calebra el cuarto juevesdel mes de noviembre?Toni: Se celebra el dia de acion de gracias .Andrés: ¿Cuál es el menútípico de ese día?Toni: Se acostumbra a comer pavo relleno (stuffed) ypastel de calabaza.Andrés: ¡Qué sabroso! Toni, ¿cuál es otra fiesta americana famosa?Toni: el cuatro de julio es el día de la Independencia de Estados Unidos. Es muy común reunirse conla familia y preparar carnehamburguesas y frutas . También es común comer ensalada de

ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH appears each time the browser gets from a file more bytes than the reported on Content-Length HTTP response header

There is a few bugs about apache and big files regarding deflating (gzip) and Content-Length header.

We've set up Apache to deflate most web content it serves with gzip, to make file transmission faster with smaller file sizes. This is great for HTML files, CSS and JS files, but for binary files, such as images and media files, or PDFs it can cause problems. For PDFs the problems are that Acrobat can't read PDFs that have been gzipped, so it must be turned off for them.


The solution is to disable compression for certain file types (e.g *.mp4), using rules like this:

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