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Cover Letter For Medical Jobs Nursing

The cover letter is an essential part of any job application that helps you make a strong first impression. This document introduces your abilities and leads into your resume. The following dos and don’ts, as well as the registered nurse cover letter example, are designed to provide you with the information you need to write your own strong cover letter.

  • Do proofread your cover letter multiple times before submitting it. Do not assume you will catch every error as you write, or even after one instance of reviewing your letter.
  • Don’t introduce yourself at the beginning of your cover letter. This information should already be established on your application. Instead, jump right into describing your skills.
  • Do write confidently. Talk boldly about why you are the best candidate for the position and all the aspects that make you stand out from the competition.
  • Don’t forget to highlight what really matters. Think about what employers are most interested in, such as qualifications and compassion for patients, and ensure this is what is most emphasized on your cover letter.

Registered Nurse Advice

Our registered nurse cover letter examples have been designed to help you create or improve your own cover letter. Becoming a registered nurse requires extensive training a background in patient care, and clinical instruction. It also requires a solid cover letter, highlighting your RN background. That’s where our cover letter examples come in. Use these cover letter examples as a starting point in building a cover letter that will help you get hired, faster.

Cover Letter Tips for Registered Nurse

As is always the case elsewhere, finding jobs as a Registered Nurse is easier when you take the proper actions. The following are just some of the more important job hunting tips that can help you get started.

1. Prioritize your network. Now, more than ever, who you know is more important than what you are bringing to the table. Start conversations, ask around, and follow leads to find your way to job interviews.

2. Always follow up. Persistence is vital. Unless you have been given a definitive answer, do not assume you have been rejected. A follow-up phone call can go a long way.

3. Stay confident. Because of the state of the economy, most job searches end up being significantly longer than they used to be. Mentally prepare yourself, because if you allow the length of your search to influence your attitude, it will only be more difficult to be hired.

4. Know what you are doing. Decide what your goal is and figure out what the steps to reach it are. This means you should know what the hiring practices are for the kind of job you want and what employers are looking for.

5. Get help with your search. There are numerous resources, tools, and databases available online to aid you. Employing every asset you have is essential to earning your new job.

Registered Nurse Job Seeking Tips

The above tips are important for finding jobs as a Registered Nurse, but always remember that the most important aspect of your job search is your cover letter. The following tips are focused specifically on your cover letter because of how important it is.

1. Focus your cover letter around experiences. The experiences section should be the largest part of your cover letter, and it should also be given the most attention. This is likely going to be what determines whether an employer hires you or not.

2. Include a wide range of experiences. It is better to include fewer varied experiences, including volunteer work, internships, and significant education experiences, than more typical jobs you have had.

3. Keep the length of your cover letter in check. You should strive to completely fill one page, and not bleed onto a second page. Blank or wasted space looks especially poor to readers.

4. Managing formatting is important. Break the content up and ensure each section is distinct and in the proper format. Look up which sections should be in paragraph form and which should be bulleted lists.

5. Review your cover letter after you finish writing. You should be looking for typographical errors and simple mistakes, but you should also keep an eye out for what impression the cover letter gives. If there are large blocks of intimidating text, or it does not look full of content at a glance, you should make changes.

Cover Letters for Medical Jobs (Nursing)

As a chief nursing officer, your job is to manage the nursing staff of a hospital or health-care center. It is your primary duty to see that the staff is well-trained and understands their role and duties.

When you are trying for a job in the medical industry, you must be able to communicate your management skills to the hiring manager through your cover letter. As you would be communicating with the prospective employers through the cover letter, you must try to create an impression that is fair enough to win an interview opportunity.

If you really want to make an impression, you should try not to make any typing mistakes on the cover letter. Because typographical mistakes convey your negative points and can ruin the chances of being short-listed for the job. Such mistakes will make the employers feel that your educational background is not sound, or you are not interested in taking the extra step in proof-reading the cover letter. Further, the readers would also feel that you are not serious about the job, and just trying to take a chance by applying.

Another essential ingredient of the cover letter is the references. Mostly, references are included in the resume, but still you must add it in the cover letter in a different style. For example, if the chairperson or the director of the organization has appreciated your work and recommended your name to be added in the list of the 'best employee of the month,' state that a call to the person can verify your abilities. The key to the success lies in including anything that will help you to outshine other candidates.

Chief Nursing Officer Cover Letter

Melisa J. Ogren,
3240 North 95 Street,
New York, NY 32450,
(321)-000 5719.

Date: October 17, 2011.

Mr. Patrick Martin,
Hiring Manager,
A1 Hospital,
30 Helping Street,
New York, NY 324559.

Dear Mr. Martin,

I would like to express my interest for the position of the chief nursing officer in your hospital through this cover letter as advertised in the weekly medical bulletin. A resume is enclosed with this application to throw lights on my professional and educational background. My experience in patients' care management spans to over 12 years. In these years, I have worked with three different health care organizations. My present employer is ABC Health Care Center, where I am serving for the last three years as the chief nursing officer.

My current responsibilities are to formulate and implement plans for patients' care and ensure that the staff works accordingly. I have acquired enough skills and knowledge to lead and manage the nursing staff. My major role is to infuse self-discipline in the nursing staff and motivate them in achieving excellence in patients' care.

Some of the benefits I would be importing with my employment are.

  • Leadership and management quality regardless of the number of nursing staff.
  • Training ability to new staff on the standard and safety measures followed in the medical industry.
  • Drafting daily reports and weekly presentation to be submitted before the management.
  • Foresight to ensure the nursing staff is well educated and informed about the latest technology and breakthroughs in the field of nursing.
  • Ability to check and foster policies in accordance with the state and federal rules.
  • Diplomatic attitude in solving grievances of the staff.
  • Ability to plan short and long-term goals for the improvement of the nursing department.

In addition, I am good in both forms of communications i.e. verbal and written. Further, I keep my medical knowledge up-to-date by reading medical journals. And on the top of it, I have compassion and caring attitude towards patients and their well-being.

I am interested in meeting you to discuss the possibility of our long-term professional association. I will follow up with you after a week. Thank you for publishing the job opportunity, and considering this application.


Melisa J. Ogren.

1) My Resume
2) Photocopies of some of my relevant certificates

Cover letter is all about grabbing the readers' attention in the least possible time. The idea is to lure the readers in reading the resume. This chief nursing cover letter sample is written keeping in view the principle of the cover letter. The starting of the letter indicates the reason behind applying and tries to attract the readers' attention by stating the years of experience the writer has in the medical industry.