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Assignment Ada Or Separate Ways First

Separate Ways is a bonus game in Resident Evil 4 HD and in certain RE4 releases. In it, you play as Ada Wong as she goes through the events from the main game. You will come across Leon Kennedy a few times through the missions.

The missions are relatively short. Your health meter is only five cells, which is just like Leon's at the start of a new game. Use Yellow Herbs to fill it to ten. You are given two weapons to start off with - none of which are upgrade-able.

  • Blacktail
    • Firepower: 2.0
    • Firing Speed: 0.27
    • Reload Speed: 1.47
    • Capacity: 21
  • Shotgun (Alternate Version)
    • Firepower: 5.0
    • Firing Speed: 1.53
    • Reload Speed: 3.03
    • Capacity: 12

As stated earlier, you cannot upgrade any weapons. However, the weapons you buy will be slightly upgraded from the start. You can also purchase bigger Attache Cases and Treasure Maps.

  • Chapter 1 - Ring the Church Bell
  • Chapter 2 - Rescue Luis
  • Chapter 3 - Retrieve the Sample
  • Chapter 4 - Stop Leon's Assassination
  • Chapter 5 - Obtain the Sample

Assignment AdaPrevious
Chapter 6: Part 1

Stupid question about Separate Ways

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I looked in the mini guide stickied to the first page but I didn't find my answer...

I beat Separate Ways once. After that I loaded my cleared game (Round 2 of Separate Ways) and in the beginning the merchant was selling me weapons. However, the Chicago Typewriter wasn't there (even though the game said the merchant was now offering the CT). I have about 80 K pesetas. Does the CT only show up after I get 300 K? Also, isn't there a professional mode in Separate Ways? There was no prompt to start the Pro mode, it just started from the beginning.

And finally- I saved over my Separate Ways Round 2 Cleared file, if I reset the game does it still assume I beat Separate Ways once already?



Q6: What are the unlockable items/weapons in this game?
A. How about I list them for you:

Complete the Main Game once:
- Alternate Title Screen
- Professional Difficulty ~ Ready to try a harder difficulty after completing Normal? Then this Mode is for you.
- Infinite Rocket Launcher ~ Just like the name says, it fires Infinite Rockets. NOTE: When using it, it doesn't effect your Accuracy Percentage. So fire away!
- Matilda ~ Pistol that fires in 3 rounds bursts. Large capacity, low damage, extreme firing rate. It's a bit of an ammo hog.
- Special Costume 1 ~ Leon gets an RPD uniform and Ashley has a "Pop Star" outfit.
- Separate Ways ~ Mini-Game featuring Ada Wong. It fills in some holes that the Main Game left.
- Assignment Ada ~ Non-Canon Mini-Game featuring Ada Wong. It's there just for fun, and is very short.
- Mercenaries ~ 4 Levels + 5 Characters + Waves of Ganados + Mini-Bosses = Endless Fun.
- Movie Browser ~ Watch cutscenes from the Main Game.

Complete Professional Mode:
- P.R.L. 412 (Plaga Removal Laser) ~ Crazy weapon that acts as infinite flash grenades. A charged shot inflicts MASSIVE DAMAGE on all those poor souls in the direct line of fire. Plagas-Infected Ganados beware!

Complete Separate Ways:

- Special Costume 2 ~ Leon wears a Mafia "Gangster" outfit while Ashley wears an impenetrable Knight costume. The sound of her running almost made me go insane... you'll see what I mean when you unlock it.
- Chicago Typewriter (For use in the Main Game only)

- Ada's Reports in the Movie Browser

Complete Assignment Ada:
- Chicago Typewriter (For use in Separate Ways only)

No, there's no pro mode for SW.

Yes, the system memory will still know you beat SW, but you won't be able to use special weapons in SW because you need a round 2+ game. Overwriting your SW file means you need to play a round 1 game again.

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