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Sample Cover Letter For Resume Paralegal Example

Covering Letters

Page contents:

1. Why covering letters are important
2. The paper you use for your covering letter
3. Format
4. Key attributes
5. Sample covering letter
1. Why covering letters are important

Covering letters are the letters that go with/introduce/cover your CV or application. They are important for three main reasons:

A. Employers receive a great many applications for entry-level paralegal vacancies.  Many use the covering letter to do an initial sifting - i.e. many employers won't read your CV or application form unless your covering letter meets their expectations.

B. Most people copy some form of template when creating their CV - which means its format does not reveal much about them as individuals. However, people tend to construct their own covering letters and so employers can get a better insight into the "real you". The covering letter indicates if you understand and use social niceties; whether or not you understand the unwritten rules of the game about covering letters. It shows if you naturally adopt a professional style and whether you differentiate between personal letters and business ones. It shows whether or not you are the sort of person to use or squander an opportunity (in this case the existence of the covering letter) to impress. It gives a hint as to whether you are you timid or boastful and it tells the employer how much research you have done about his/her firm. Covering letters give indicators on all these issues and more.

C. CVs are often dull and difficult to read. The information contained in them are dry and usually unhelpfully brief. Covering letters offer you the opportunity to make a flowing, compelling, plain-English case for hiring you - and to allow you to highlight the skills and abilities you would bring to the job.

2. The paper you use for your covering letter

The same point about not understanding the rules of the game applies to those people who write their job application on anything other than plain white or cream A4 paper - our advice: stick to those two and don't ever type double-sided.

3. Format

Successful covering letters tend to:

  • Be typed, not hand-written
  • Be on one side of white A4 ordinary paper (no coloured paper, no parchment paper and never send your applications bound in plastic)
  • Show your address
  • Be addressed to a relevant individual
  • Not just repeat word for word what is in your CV
  • Be very focused
  • Have your phone and email contact details displayed
  • Be uncomplicated
  • Act as a summary of your relevant skills and experience
  • Display your enthusiasm for the position
  • Not be pushy (no "Please let me know within seven days whether you will be free to meet")
  • Be free of hyperbole or boasting (e.g. 'I will be the best paralegal you ever hired' ... 'do not miss this opportunity to hire an excellent' .... 'I have many other skills and can reorganise your department' ... etc).
4. Key attributes

As best you can, work out what key attributes the employer is looking for, and highlight any you have (and do so early in the letter).  In our experience, the key attributes often are:

  • Relevant prior experience
  • Relevant legal qualifications
  • Relevant skills generally
  • Want to be a professional career paralegal
5. Sample covering letter

There is no particular style of letter that you are obliged to adopt. We think that a good covering letter might look something like this:

[your name and address: including phone and email]


[name of a specific person in the firm and the firm's address

Dear Ms Smith,

Application for Paralegal Work

I wish to apply for a job as an entry-level paralegal in your department. My goal is to become a professional paralegal specialising in criminal law. I am contacting you in your capacity as head of the Criminal law Department, because your firm has an excellent reputation for doing high quality criminal law work.

Although applying for an entry-level position, I feel that I already possess many of the skills and some of the knowledge expected of professional paralegals at the start of their career. I would therefore hope to start being productive very quickly, and require little in the way of additional training.

I have three months practice experience doing civil litigation paralegal work. I have successfully completed the intensely practical criminal practice and procedure course and so received a BTEC in Advanced Paralegal Studies. I am already an Affiliate member of the Institute of Paralegals and have agreed to be bound by their Paralegal Code of Conduct and CPD requirements.

My current work as a probation officer has given me invaluable inside knowledge of the criminal justice system (CJS), and numerous contacts in and around Manchester. I have also acquired a number of skills and abilities which should be of use. For example I am experienced in dealing with offenders and the police; I understand most CJS documentation and have considerable experience in interviewing reluctant or even hostile individuals.

I attach a set of the Introductory Level Competency Standards for Paralegals issued by the Institute of Paralegals. I have marked the many standards which I already meet.

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet or speak with you to discuss this application further.

In any event, thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Marner

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Paralegal Cover Letter Sample 1:

I understand your busy schedule so keeping this letter short I’ve summarized my experience in relation to the Paralegal position available.

I earned my Bachelor Degree in Paralegal from ABA approved school Eastern State University. I have experience in many tracks of law. My expertise lies in litigation which includes correspondence to resolve any matter out of court (i.e. letters to attorneys, mediators or arbitrators), memos to attorneys after researching a particular legal issue, summons and complaints, affidavits of service, affidavits of identification of client, attorney or myself if needed for a case, default and summary judgment documents, judgments, writs of execution, bank levies, wage garnishments, order for disclosures, settlement stipulations and confession of judgment, outside counsel consulting agreements, vendor contracts, lease contracts, purchasing agreements and many other documents or correspondence but not at the scale as the above.

I have over 10 years of experience in Civil, Business and Financial Law in roles as a Paralegal, Senior Paralegal and Executive Legal Assistant. While I may not have all the requested requirements of the skill sets, I do have the right mindset skills to thrive for both myself and my employer.

I have a good relationship with Court personnel ranging from Law Clerks, Judges to Calendaring Clerks and Arbitrators. I pride myself on these established relationships as they are keys to one’s case such as scheduling and filing documents.

I pride myself on being an excellent organizer, time manager, team and self-motivator. I have advanced technology skills that I have acquired throughout my professional career. I have experience working with various departments in meeting deadlines and completing projects various projects.

Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Paralegal Cover Letter Sample 2:

I am writing in to express my interest in the Paralegal position open at your esteemed firm. Your ad in the New York Times for the said position caught my attention as my educational background, work experience, and skills closely match your job requirements.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, after completion of which I completed my paralegal certification. In total, as my resume shows, I have related work experience of five years. Currently I am employed with JBCLegal Inc., an Atlanta-based law firm.

During my career I have had the opportunity to provide assistance and support to four attorneys on a wide range of topics. In addition to having an in-depth knowledge of legal principles and terminologies, I am adept at doing legal research, analyzing and organizing information, and preparing case materials.

In my current capacity as a paralegal, I am responsible for, among others, the following:

  • Drafting legal documents which include, among others, briefs, agreements, and appeals
  • Assisting in preparation of legal motions and arguments
  • Performing legal research
  • Carrying out investigations to validate or authenticate information
  • Interviewing clients and witnesses to gather relevant information
  • Performing various administrative duties such as answering phone calls, letters, and emails

I am proficient with computers and have comprehensive knowledge about software relevant to the job, including LexisNexis research, PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat, Maximo, and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook).

I can work alone or with a team, depending on the need. I pride myself on my ability to remain self-directed and focused in a fast-paced work environment. Throughout my career, on several occasions, I have been commended on my excellent communication, team player, and multitasking skills.

If given an opportunity, I am sure I will be able to make a positive contribution to your firm. I am attaching my resume with this application for your consideration.

Paralegal Cover Letter Sample 3:

I would like to express my strong interest in obtaining the Paralegal position at your company. I have prior In-House corporate legal department, have completed my Undergraduate degree and ABA accredited paralegal certification at Roosevelt University. Currently, I am seeking permanent employment with a successful law firm where I can establish a long-term career as a Paralegal and flex my inherent talents for document management and legal research skills.

For Inverheights LLC, I assumed responsibility for the creation of a large, company-wide electronic contract database system, document retention and organization of all new and existing contracts and closing materials, and monitoring for legal compliance. On a daily basis, I conducted analysis and initial review of Vendor Agreements, Sales & Purchase Agreements, Equipment Leases, Consulting Agreements, Master Service Agreements and their supplemental work orders, permits, supply loans, and SWAP agreements. My responsibilities evolved into drafting renewals and terminations of the aforementioned contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements and assisting with basic corporate maintenance duties such as organization of minute books, filing for corporate tax identification numbers, SECs, assembling closing materials, legal billing, arranging documents for annual audits, obtaining apostille of foreign documents, and drafting resolutions and guarantee agreements.

Thereafter, I began working at TreeMaker Foods, a producer of generic food and beverage products in New York, New York. My original duties consisted of re-designing an existing contract repository system and re-structuring the archived data of new and existing contracts, trademarks and closing materials. In addition, I conducted due diligence of closing materials upon acquisitions and ensured all major contracts were executed such Asset Purchase Agreements and Funding Contracts. Shortly afterward I performed initial review of the corporate code of regulations and employee handbook for 2010.

I believe I have a strong ability for legal research and writing capability, am profoundly organized, diligent in all work aspects, possess advanced knowledge of various Microsoft applications, and would highly enjoy working for an In-House legal department on a permanent basis. Attached please find my resume for consideration to the Paralegal position.